Security Augmentation Force & Protective Security Services

Offering personnel security solutions that protect people, property, and infrastructure from unauthorized access, acts of violence, fire, theft, destruction, and/or acts of attempted terrorism.
Following the unfortunate tragedies and gun related massacres such as those at Columbine High School in 1999, Virginia Tech in 2007, Northern Illinois University in 2008, Tucson shooting in 2011, Newton-Connecticut in 2012, the Washington Navy Yard in 2013, the 2015 shootings of news Reporter Allison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward earlier this year in Virginia, to the tragedy school shooting at the Oregon Umpqua Community College, and most recent San Bernardino, CA shootings has triggered a call to action to remain on the alert and vigilant towards these types of “new norm mishaps” that can become to “any” county, city, or state throughout America.

These occurrences have challenged the normalcy to our way of life, who we employ in our businesses, screening hiring practices, work safety environments, and the schools in which we send our kids to. It even trickles down to the simple places we normally visit such as: malls, churches, restaurants, or a trip to your local movie theater. This shift requires people to heighten their intuitive senses, coupled by a relentless effort that exhibits keen situational awareness of their surroundings.

More importantly, responding to these types of prolonged or multiple threat occurrences can also place additional burdens and challenges to existing law enforcement communities that may already be overextended or undermanned to support. In order to assist with these dilemmas, C U CLEAR offers viable security solutions that collaborates, compliments, relieves, and mitigates some of these existing challenges being faced today with a practical in-house protective security service solution that is sensible and designed to save lives.

The Security Augmentation Force (SAF) is designed to provide protective security services (armed or unarmed) to governmental agencies, businesses, educational institutions, religious organizations, and/or local law enforcement authorities with a highly trained and well vetted SAF professionals who are licensed, certified, credentialed, and insured. The SAF professionals are also highly trained and ready to provide these unique personal and public safety services.

OUR MISSION: The SAF’s mission is to prevent, detect, and deter any acts of communicated threats, violence, or terrorism that affect public safety, personnel security, and national security concerns.

The SAF is, without a doubt, a necessity and a viable solution for the challenges we currently face today and those problematic scenarios that will present its associated challenges for us in the future. It is a first line of defense for public safety security issues and a rapid response solution that will work in unison with local law enforcement authorities to further complement their range, capabilities, and precise responsiveness in knowing firsthand the scenarios they are being called to face.

The GOAL is to remain vigilant and on the alert with a PROACTIVE versus REACTIVATE approach. Note that COMPLACENCY will only breed NEGLIGENCE in the long run. We can’t run additional RISK with the mentality that a real life scenario as described in our opening paragraph can’t affect us personally. It is a “CALL to ACTION” and response to our way of life which focuses on preserving life, public safety, and more importantly, national security.

EMPLOYMENT: The SAF will be staffed by Retired or Honorably Separated Veterans, Law Enforcement officials, and other Security Guard Force Professionals.

Keeping America’s businesses, citizens, children, communities, and infrastructures safe. For more information about joining the SAF or placement of a SAF member at your location, CONTACT US. At Your Side to Guard & Guide – Because Your Business Deserves Better!