Our core competency results from our professional talented Veterans & Professional Security Specialist workforce. The combination of the two exemplifies a way of life, special trust, confidence, and a professional level of expectation. Our uniqueness and main strength comes from infusing our investigative screening techniques into modern day human resource management best practices.

We specialize in assisting business optimization through risk management and screening solutions that mitigate unwanted negligent hiring and retention lawsuits, while allowing businesses to focus on the return on investment of their workforce. Our screening solutions are based on the whole person concept and the thirteen adjudicating principles that govern personnel security investigations.

Our total 360 degree, Whole Person Concept solutions, “Screen Out versus Screen IN” methodologies and delivery of our unparalleled service profile reports, sets us apart from any other in our industry and allow us to gain the competitive edge as the unmatched pillar in our industry. Consequentially, we are able to provide innovative solutions and significant value to our clients through our screening services that are sensible, cost effective, and safeguards national security interest.

Our competency allow us to provide a service, established a reputable image, enjoy growth, and gain the competitive edge as the unmatched pillars within our industry. This is what sums up our core competency and makes us your number one trusted information personnel security screening provider.