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Our mission is to provide our clients with unparalleled employment screening services and innovative personnel security solutions that optimize their business efficacy, human capital, and return on investments.
More About Us

Risk Management Solutions

  • Employment Background Checks & Investigations
  • Administrative Support & Executive Search Services
  • Security Clearance Consulting & Eligibility Assessments
  • Regulated & Non Regulated Drug & Alcohol Testing Services
  • Personality Assessments & Polygraphs Examinations
  • Professional Licenses & Credential Validation Services

Unparalleled Profile Reports

  • Snapshot Profile Report (SPR)
  • Power Profile Report (PPR)
  • Due Diligence Profile Report (DDPR)
  • Executive Profile Report (EPR)
  • Trusted Vendor Profile Report (TVPR)
  • Vetted VETS Profile Report (VVPR)

Exclusive Screening Levels

  • Entry Level Employees
  • Professional Workforce
  • Supervisors & Managers
  • Management & “C” Level Executives
  • Partners, Affiliates, & Vendors
  • Armed Forces Service Veterans

We provide personnel security solutions, background investigations, employment background checks, and third party administrative services in keeping AMERICA and businesses safe. We deliver unparalleled comprehensive reports that are censored and validated by our licensed & insured professionals. We are FCRA & PII compliant and offer a dynamic case management and encrypted file transport system with real time client tracking and management. We pride ourselves in our deliverables and in the exceptional customer service experience that we provide to our clients.

We use innovative methodologies and investigative techniques to provide a 360 degrees personnel screening solution that is based on the “whole-person concept” and thirteen (13) adjudicating guidelines governing personnel security investigations. Our approach provides our clients with customized screening solutions based on corporate culture and business industry. The result of our approach mitigates corporate risk, exercises due diligence, produces safer workforce environments, detect and deters undesirable candidates, and moderates unwanted negligent hiring and personnel retention lawsuits.
The biggest challenge for business today is hiring the right workforce. Many organizations lack (1) detailed personnel security screening programs; and (2) routine screenings throughout the life-cycle of an employee’s time within a company. The time and cost associated with employee turnover, due to negligent hiring or retention practices, far exceeds all associated cost combined of implementing and maintaining a comprehensive personnel security screening program. We succeed with our clients because of our innovative methodologies and our focused on screening out personnel that are not suitable for your reputable organization.

What applicants don’t want employers to know about their inflated resumes, deliberate concealment, fabrication, & omissions.

Prior Criminal History & Convictions
Current or Prior Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Educational History & Certifications
Employment History & Salaries Earned

Providing comprehensive personnel security screening solutions that help unveil and mitigate the numbers as outlined above.