Risk Management

Providing comprehensive screening reports that are vital to your hiring needs and heightens the scope of unveiling a potential employee’s history, professional licensing, and credentials with our thorough investigative techniques and proven vetting processes. View page.
People with financial problems and pressures are more vulnerable to acting upon a variety of means to relieve themselves from these monetary pressures. We can assist with our financial stability assessments. View page.
Our driving record verification is a customized report that provides a detailed history of all drug & alcohol related incidents, prior violations, accidents, suspensions, and other information about a person’s driving history in all 50 states. View page.
Is your job applicant being honest about his/her educational background? It’s estimated that as many as half of all job applicants falsify their educational credentials, certifications, or degrees claimed according to SHRM. View page.
An employment verification can differentiate honest mistakes from truly egregious attempts to further one’s career through blatantly inflated claims of salary and responsibility, or even attempts to cover up significant gaps in employment which should otherwise be explained. View page.
Identifies “high-risk” behavioral factors and projects a unique perspective of a candidate’s overall functioning and an insight for success with your advertised vacancy. View page.

Administrative Support

Provide third party administrative support services for variety of small business, corporate, and Government sponsored special projects to compliment their human resource and administrative needs.
Our executive search services enable us to provide our clients with turnkey solutions in seeking to recruit the most qualified and highest caliber of candidates for your vacant positions.
Our recruiting methodology and customized client communications plan, enables us to speed up the processing time, improve the quality, and reduce the cost of the hire for our clients.
We focus on assisting businesses achieve business efficacy through comprehensive background screening solutions and personnel security consultation services designed to optimize your human capital and return on investments.

Service emerging employment needs that protects public and private institutions with the highest standards of moral, ethical, and professional conduct.
Performing compliant ready DOT-FAA Regulated services. For more information click here!
Negligent hiring and retention is usually the theory applied to a case to impose liability against an employer when there is no other basis for recovery under a theory of respondeat superior.

Investigations & Security

Providing full scope background investigations and remaining vigilant to patriotism, terrorism, espionage and all other aspects that relate to national security matters.
Offering quality reviews and suitability assessments based on the whole person concept and thirteen adjudicating principles governing personnel security investigations.
We assist in helping find the answers to the most complex problems you face and seek with total and complete confidentiality.
We investigate suspected insurance claims filed with the intent to defraud employers and cost insurance providers billions of dollars annually.
We provide businesses with the opportunity to exercise their due diligence and assist in mitigating circumstances related to negligent hiring or retention lawsuits.
We assist with locating witnesses, missing persons, assets, security surveys, surveillance, service processing, bodyguard and security work.
Providing trained, certified, licensed, and insured armed and unarmed security protective force to assist and augment with emerging needs in the areas of law enforcement, government agencies, educational institutions, religious organizations, and businesses. View page.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Urine testing is the industry standard drug testing method for workplace drug testing and the only method approved for federally mandated drug tests.
Oral fluid testing offers confidential lab-based drug test results from simple oral fluid collection method for clients. When compared to urine and hair drug tests, this test will typically detect drugs closer to the time of use.
Hair testing for drugs of abuse provides up to a 90-day drug use history. Collections are convenient and tamper-resistant with results that are fast and reliable.
We understand that sometimes you need drug and alcohol test results fast. For those circumstances, we offer instant screening solutions that provide nearly immediate results.
Over the years, the abuse of anabolic steroids and performance-enhancing drugs has become a national concern and is not limited to body builders and professional athletes.
We provide federally mandated and non-mandated services for your drug & alcohol testing program with unparalleled access to a combined nationwide network of more than 6,000 collection sites. We offer the widest variety of specimen collection options, making drug testing simple for your company and more convenient for your employees.
The only DOT-FAA compliant driven Drug & Alcohol testing program in the industry. TANGO is designed to shield your creditable business and keep you compliant ready. The only and most trusted program in keeping our skies and employees safe, while maintaining your safety sensitive program at your fingertips. READY to TANGO? Click Here.

Because Your Business Deserves Better!

We specialize in business efficacy through our personnel security screening services that unveil discoveries from half truths, inflated resumes, deliberate concealment, falsifications, and omissions.