Our Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise revolve around risk management and personnel security solutions which optimize your human capital, return on investment, and promote the efficacy of your business. We pride ourselves in the personal attention we give each of our clients and are committed to being your trusted information partner. We do this by delivering quantifiable service products and validating data that will meet and exceed your expectations. Acquiring the right people, from employees to contractors to vendors, is the most critical decision employers will always have to face. Our solutions far exceed industry standards and enable businesses to make better and more informed decisions.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced, Credentialed, Certified, Licensed & Insured
  • Focused Driven & Compliance Regulated
  • Email Privacy & Personal Identification Information (PII) Adherence
  • Robust & User Friendly Case Management System
  • Secured Encrypted Information & Shared Transport System
  • Screen “Out” versus “In” Applicant Methodology
  • Comprehensive Reports are Based on the Whole Person Concept
  • Achieve Business Efficacy & through Personnel Security Optimization
  • Retain Human Capital & Enjoy your Return on Investment

What Client’s Are Saying

We are very pleased to recommend C U CLEAR as a superior background/investigative service company. We have been completely satisfied with their professionalism and with the quality and efficiency of their work. They have not only met our expectations, but have truly exceeded them. I would not have been able to ensure that the pre-screens conducted for employment are of the highest integrity without the detailed reports that we receive. I have worked with several other reporting companies during my 18 years in this business and C U CLEAR is by far the very BEST!
Alexander, FSO, Client
Ozzy Ramos and his staff at C U CLEAR have been very helpful to me throughout my learning curve as a D.E.R. (Designed Employee Representative) for our FAA/DOT Regulated Drug and Alcohol Program. We work through the sometimes complicated questions regarding the program together and I feel we are truly “One Team: One Mission” as Ozzy often points out. It feels good to be a part of C U CLEAR’s Team as I know there is always a smile at the other end of the phone and a quick response to my questions!
Linda, Operations Manager, Client
You guys have the best comprehensive profile reports and awesome customer support services. They helped me even during the weekend. This is what I call going an “extra mile” in customer relationship. So I give a thumbs up and a 5 star class act rating to C U CLEAR. Thanks! You guys ROCK!
Timothy, Client
Satisfied with the performance and quality of work provided by C U CLEAR, its employees, and investigators. Overall their services added value and enhance to the personnel growth that my company enjoyed as one of the fastest growing company in America. Their niche and offered personnel security screening services is critical to all businesses, government, and one that is directly tied to risk mitigation, management, and national security matters.
Ken, CEO, Client
My colleague and I had concerns with the truthfulness of an investment business partner. Ozzy was able to undercover the unexpected labyrinth of deception and fraud prior to the transaction. The relationship was immediately severed and our investments were secured due to the thorough and complete work of C U CLEAR.
John, Vice President, Client
C U CLEAR conceptualizes an “out of the box” strategy with proven RESULTS! Provide comprehensive and detail reports. Works diligently and with a sense of urgency. Personal services are tailored to meet our specific needs and has exceeded our expectations. You won’t REGRET IT! Enthusiastically ENDORSE! Hire with Confidence NOW!
Anthony, Client
We began using C U CLEAR a number of years ago and we have always been satisfied with their Integrity, know how, turnaround time along with their resourcefulness.
Mitchell, President, Client
C U CLEAR has been a tremendous asset with supporting the productivity of my HR department, as well as my career. Ozzy Ramos, the CEO, and his team certainly live up to their organization’s key behaviors. From the beginning, C U CLEAR has provided us with exemplary risk management services, such as background screening and financial stability assessments. Whenever there is an encounter with Ozzy and/or his staff, they strive to communicate openly with understanding of our company needs, and they directly collaborate with me to ensure they deliver desired service(s). C U CLEAR has demonstrated high company values by consistently delivering quality service and responding expeditiously to any and all of my requests. Above all else, I am totally impressed by and appreciate the sense of unity C U CLEAR exemplifies to its clients. Whenever I am confronted with an issue or simply have a question, I always feel totally confident that C U CLEAR will provide me with the assistance that I need. In my experience, if a representative was unable to assist me in resolving an issue, a team member swiftly followed up, in every instance, with a solution. In many cases, Ozzy Ramos has personally contacted me to discuss my concerns and/or options in resolving an issue. C U CLEAR, without a doubt, relies on one another, in order to deliver exclusive services to its clientele in a timely manner.
Manning, HR Director

All kidding aside, you and your company have surpassed my expectations. Super customer service!

Much Appreciated,


Paul, President, Client

Risk Management

Providing unparalleled comprehensive screening reports that mitigates risk and associated negligent hiring & retention lawsuits.


Because Your Business Deserves Better!


Delivering a wide range of personnel security and investigative services for your due diligence and unveiling deliberate concealment.


Because Your Business Deserves Better!

Administrative Support

Revolutionizing onboarding processes and assisting HR departments to attract, develop, and retain the best possible workforce.


Because Your Business Deserves Better!

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Offering turnkey solutions for your Drug & Alcohol testing needs for Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-DOT services.


Because Your Business Deserves Better!