C U CLEAR offers TPA support services for your Department of Transportation (DOT) & Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Background, Drugs & Alcohol testing requirements. There are some companies that may find themselves in a reactive mode due when inspected to non-compliance issues related to initial, systematic, random, and position transfers to and/or from safety sensitive positions; resulting in, thousands of dollars in civil litigation, fines paid, and violations that places the business at greater risk of existing. These types of scenarios happen far too often in the aviation industry with a great deal of consequences associated with them.

We are designed to work closely with your DER’s, SAP’s, and Human Resource Professionals to ensure that your organization is in compliant with all regulations and internal policies as they relate to day to day operations to avoid the risk of placing someone in a safety sensitive position that would otherwise not be qualified for such position. We offer absolute solutions and assist you with the recommended maintenance of well documented records to enforce the integrity of your program to include the monitoring performance of your service agents, collection of personnel, and testing environment without exception! All errors must and will be addressed with our support services in order to comply with regulations.

Our services offers certified laboratories nationwide for your pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty and follow-up testing with associated Medical Review Officer services. The primary and end-state goal for drug & alcohol testing services is to detect and deter the presence and usage of performance enhancing sport drugs and other illegal drug use prohibited by law.

Providing DOT & FAA regulated compliant background screenings, investigations and drug & alcohol testing support services for your flight crew, maintenance personnel, partners, and passengers. For more information about our DOT-FAA Drug and Alcohol Testing Support Services and other DOT related services for (FMCSA) Motor Carrier, (FRA) Railroad, (FTA) Transit, (PHMSA) Pipelines, or (USCG) Maritime contact us.