Employment Negligent Hiring & Retention Lawsuits is a term far too often that becomes problematic for many businesses, organizations, federal contractors and for ALL levels of government to contend with. These claim made by an injured party against an employer based on the theory that the employer knew or should have known about the employee’s background which, if known, indicates a dangerous or untrustworthy character. Conducting proper screenings on applicants and periodic screenings on existing employees one may be able to avoid or mitigate some of these pitfalls of risk associated with exposure to negligent hiring claims.

Make no mistake about it! Employers are often found liable and accountable for these negligent hiring and retention lawsuits that are dangerous to the overall health of the organization and its workforce. In some cases, may be assessed as a security risk and danger to others for the lack of proper vetting practices resulting from irresponsible leaders and managers who are supposed to be the gatekeepers. As a result, EMPLOYERS are being found liable for negligent hiring or retention of dangerous or incompetent employees in most states across all industries and are paying out tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, in financial damages.

C U CLEAR is in the business of protecting OWNERS, EMPLOYERS, & CEO’s  from everyone else that surround them, to include their own inner circle of managers and leaders, who often are the ones that these cases filter through from. So the question remains for YOU: Is your company proactive in insuring that the proper background checks and vetting processes are being conducted to mitigate these types of negligent hiring or retention lawsuits? Or is the more appropriate question is: Can you afford NOT to?

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