Following the tragedies of so many school and public massacres, along with other individual gun related shootings that continue to plague our society today, the intense debate about gun control, gun violence legislation, and the right to bear arms in accordance with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution continue to reignite discussions for comprehensive background checks.

Due DiligenceThe right to bear arms gives the ability to “law abiding citizens” to own weapons and defend themselves and protect their homes from random acts of violence that we see, hear, and read about far too often taking place within our society at large and in the workforce place today. On the other side of the spectrum, there is an effort for people to be properly vetted through a comprehensive process prior to the point of sale of any of these weapons for individuals wanting to purchase. Now, the perpetual events have also sparked the debate of banning the sale of certain types of weapons and against people with unstable mental health disabilities, possess prior violent criminal histories, and/or are already known as convicted felons.

Our position at C U CLEAR is simple, “any” person applying for the sale of any firearm should be properly vetted through a comprehensive background investigation similar to that in which people applying for a government security clearance for the federal government go through prior to the sale and access of such weapon. It’s the most COMMON SENSE approach and RESPONSIBLE thing to do and may very well SAVE lives. It’s about exercising due diligence while attempting to “mitigate” these weapons from getting into the wrong hands. Nothing more: nothing less. It’s about an attempt to reduce incidences while preserving the rights of people to bear arms equally. We live in times today which demands unveiling deliberate concealment, identifying those with mental instabilities, and bringing forth positive change which requires some type of compromise. It is for the greater good and carries a national security point of interest. As our late President Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but Verify.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says that nearly 2 million new handguns are manufactured and imported each year—adding to the 258 million firearms already in circulation. Comprehensive Background checks can assist in complimenting the scope of an investigation to verify who these guns are actually being sold to. In light of all events throughout the country that has taken place over the past decade, there is no better time or question that something must be done about it. As a civilized society we need to take the moral high ground and responsibility in mitigating associated risk and threat that challenge us today which exposes our children, families, citizens, and workforce to these random acts of violence. Not all, but some of these instances could’ve been avoided if more responsible actions were taken to identify red flags and/or developed concerns.

Our Recommended Solutions

– Perform comprehensive background checks and/or full scope background investigations on applicants desiring to obtain a license for the purchase a firearm any kind.
– Applicants should undergo a personality assessment conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist.
– Required classroom training instruction on weapons handling and safety.
– Implement a minimum age requirement to purchase a firearm.
– Limit the sales of automatic weapons to law enforcement responders, our military, and those with a need to have basis.
– Conduct a periodic license renewal process and perpetual vetting at set internals of time.

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