Hiring, promoting, and developing the right person for the right job is the single most important decision that a company makes regarding its human capital and return on investments. Research has demonstrated that the traditional interview is often the most unreliable basis for hiring decisions. In order to secure such an investment, it makes sense that organizations are turning to an objective assessment process to assist them with making critical choices in personnel to succeed in a competitive environment.

C U CLEAR offers our clients an advanced behavioral assessment that combines the individual’s background factors with a personality assessment, then applies their critical factors to the skills required to do the job and to the company’s ethos. The result is an integrated product that matches suitability for a position of trust, leadership, and reliability. Our experienced psychologists administer an assessment that is scored, analyzed, interpreted, and validated in accordance with labor industry standards. The primary assessment will measure several domains critical to your company’s success. The combined methods used in the process provide a unique perspective of a candidate’s overall functioning in multiple areas to provide a picture of the potential for success in the advertised vacancy. It is a highly effective tool for employers when matched with a personal interview that aides in clarifying any areas of concern. This ultimately leads to identifying “high-risk” behavioral factors indicating possible patterns that have the potential to lead to conflict in the workplace.

We at C U CLEAR are concerned with more than a product that identifies potential hazardous behavior. Rather we are committed to the process of working closely with your organization to develop individuals with the right attributes for the right job. By developing a positive relationship built on sound ethics with our clients we strive to mirror the same healthy productive relationships you foster in your company. Having the wrong person in place is costly, but losing the right person is even more costlier. Therefore we are not only committed to helping you find and retain that person. By incorporating 360 evaluations into your training cycle we equip your high valued employees with another tool to be successful leaders. As you can see we combine background data with behavioral assessments as well as continuing evaluations to provide a personal service integrated into the fabric of your formula for success.