Keeping our Skies Safe & Protecting Public Safety with Compliant Ready Safety Sensitive Employees.

Are you an Employer with Safety Sensitive Employees Regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)? The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the FAA mandates that any air carriers, aircraft maintenance, or preventive maintenance personnel performing safety sensitive functions are required to be in a fully compliant ready, regulated, and effective drug & alcohol testing program.
The only and most complete DOT-FAA compliant driven Drug & Alcohol testing program in the industry. TANGO is designed to shield your creditable business from falling outside of regulatory practices while keeping your Designated Employee Representative (DER) compliant ready at all times. We act as your Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Program Manager in keeping our skies and safety sensitive employees safe, while maintaining your program at your very own fingertips.
Proper understanding to regulatory policies, practices, management, oversight, knowledge, and continuity of all historical events are all absolute factors to administering and maintaining a successful drug & alcohol testing program. The key to success is to remain on a high state of readiness at all times by taking a proactive verses reactive approach to your drug and alcohol testing program. This program MUST be taken seriously with strict adherence to the spirit of standard regulatory practices which are subject to scheduled or on demand inspections.

Failure to tumble and fall outside of these regulatory practices will certainly increase your risk of staying compliant and will optimize the probability of receiving hefty fines in the tens or, in many cases, hundreds of thousand of dollars; not to mention the possibility of putting a halt in your aviation operations.  This factor can be further compounded by the negative publicity your company will receive resulting from industry wide notification reporting of your non-compliance and tarnished sky safety records. Don’t have the right experience on board, budget, dedicated professional, or resources available to totally devote to these regulations? Well look no further and lets get ready to TANGO.

TANGO is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily maintain your DOT-FAA Drug & Alcohol Testing Program. But that’s not all, when you license out TANGO and contract with us you’ll get the most dedicated professional program management and exceptional customer support experience ever!

TANGO Features

  • We assist with the development, implementation, and administration of your regulated drug & alcohol program policy and program management.
  • TANGO automates and streamlines all time sensitive driven events, occurrences, and constantly monitors your drug & alcohol testing program for compliance.
  • We educate, empower, and provide our clients with all governing regulation, requirements, and practices in the formation of a standalone drug & alcohol testing program.
  • We provide a full proof compliance and readiness portal to guide, train, and support our client based Designated Employee Representatives (DER’s) and authorized administrators.
  • A dedicated program and innovative system which records all events, provides required forms, and offers a historical management section for continuity purposes in order to maintain a perpetual, effective, and compliant driven ready program at all times.
  • We facilitate cross country drug & alcohol testing accompanied by the professional reporting services of our certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • We provide the platform for proper maintenance and storage for “all” required historical records management, background information, drug & alcohol testing records, notifications, reconciliations, training, and policies pertaining to all safety sensitive employees and/or contractors.
  • We assist and STAND inspections alongside our clients and also act as your authorized liaison when contacting the Federal Aviation Administration. “At Your Side to Guard & Guide”.