1. Stop hiring friends, relatives, referrals, or former industry colleagues simply because of your known association. You love your family and you have those friends within your circle that you trust just as much who you believe can help succeed. The dispassionate question to ask yourself is “does the person I’m consider hiring for my vacant position have anything in their background that could potentially bring discredit to your organization and its success? That is a Yes or No question. There is no wiggle room for personal relationships when it comes to making decisions that impact your business, its public name, brand, and reputation resulting from the legal implications associated with hiring an immoral person with a highly questionable criminal history or troubled past.
  1. A common thread that we find happening far too often are company’s; especially federal contractors, hiring people just because they actively hold and maintain a federal “security clearance” and not exercising their due diligence by conducting a thorough comprehensive background check commensurate to the position level of the person being hired . C U CLEAR continues to raise the level of awareness of this very FATAL assumption and mistake. Note that depending on the level of clearance there are gaps within the period of their last investigation to the current time of the new position that can be detrimental to your business. Our workshops and consultant provided by C U CLEAR can take the guesswork out of this common overlooked issue and assumption that is becoming far too familiar among today’s federal government and contractors industry.
  1. We see a repeatable occurrence among all other businesses and organizations across America which people are being hired without properly vetting them or exercising “due diligence” through a comprehensive background check or effective screening process. We also find that these businesses and organizations may not even conduct a background at all, not even on a basic level. Note that in today’s time people inflate their resumes to make them more attractive and competitive, but without taking a deep dive and validating “all” that is within their resumes one can’t confidently assure the company that their credentials and experiences are valid.   Consequentially, this can affect and have conflict with regulatory and other requirements that will surely put your company’s reputation and bottom line profits at risk for a negligent hiring or retention lawsuit.
  1. Making “offers”, putting candidates to work, or authorizing shipment of household goods move to new place of employment without having a contingency subject to an “all clear” background check. We see this time after time says C U CLEAR’s CEO Ozzy Ramos. “It’s like putting the cart before the horse”. Companies that adopt these types of practices BEWARE! You are just inviting trouble and threading in shark infested waters. Why not leverage your best moment with absolute certainty prior to the official hire? If a potential employee is serious about the position with your company and sincere about being part of your team, their understanding, cooperation, and patience to a pre-employment screening will speak volumes about their character and create a win-win for all involved.
  1. Hiring people without having an effective “drug & alcohol testing” program in place to screen them for dependency, recreational use, or abuse. Considering engaging a company like C U CLEAR that has the expertise to properly administer an autonomous drug and alcohol testing program for both of your pre and post-employment needs. Different organizations have different requirements from United States federal jobs to state and city municipalities to non-profits and those within the private sectors. Whether you have contracts with these specific requirements or not, it is to your company’s best interest to administer an effective drug and alcohol testing program in place that would mitigate your risk and increased your reputable business status as a drug free workplace.
  1. Some companies drug/alcohol testing initially while on-boarding newly hired candidates, but have no effective drug and alcohol testing program in place to test them periodically throughout their life-cycle with the company. In other words one can enter into a company and spend a career without ever getting tested again or go through another background check. The one thing that remains constant and a common denominator about people is “change” and “life events” that take place which can affect their overall health, performance, mental stability, lifestyles, marital status, and can potentially affect their roles and responsibilities. In some cases these events can even lead to workplace violence if you don’t properly monitor them. All of these variables could be for the betterment of each employee you hire, but risking the unknown with no periodic random screenings / testings could lead to a public embarrassment and a disaster waiting to happen that could’ve otherwise been avoided.
  1. Having no effective or required “training and awareness” program in place that is designed to meet internal adherence and/or external third party requirements. According to HR Hero “The largest legal, social, and economic issue in the workplace is the use of drugs and alcohol. . . However, the reality for employers is that drug and alcohol use can affect employees’ health, productivity and may impact safety in the workplace.” In the article Top 5 Steps Small Businesses Should Take To Minimize Their Risk Of An Employee Lawsuit by Forbes writer, Evangeline Gomez provides excellent guidance. Ms. Gomez states “Training is one tool small business owners can use to ensure their employees understand and follow policies and laws in the workplace A long term savings and minimizing liability risks can be realized by hiring an independent third party administrator to develop and implement an effective employee drug and alcohol education awareness programs. This protects your company, clients, profits, employees and stakeholders.
  1. Not fully prepared to withstand a “negligent hiring or retention” lawsuit. Think about it. What would happen to your company, if an employee, consultant or temporary worker did some type of damage or caused harm that resulted in injury to another or monetary loss to one of your clients, their employees or even your own employees? Knowing that we live in an extremely litigious society, is your company prepared to withstand a potential lawsuits because of the lack of due diligence for cutting cost associated with an effective comprehensive screening program?
  1. Complacency breeds “negligence” and claimed “ignorance” once in a dilemma. A company culture that acts like the ostrich with its head in the ground, hoping nothing happens is a sure fire recipe for business catastrophe. According to successful entrepreneur, Carl E. Reid, who previously worked as a technology consultant at JP Morgan Chase, states “JP Morgan Chase has a worldwide reputation of hiring the BEST of the BEST talent. The formula for this success in building profitable win-win trust with its clients is due to the thoroughness and comprehensive background check that signals an all clear applicant. Wouldn’t it be great to elevate your company’s reputation with new and existing clients by attracting the best qualified and screened employees? Seriously, consider engaging an experienced company like C U CLEAR to provide full scope comprehensive screenings that includes a criminal background check, drug and alcohol testing’s, financial stability, motor vehicle records, employment verifications, educational degree validations, credential certifications, and in some case personality assessments.
  1. Last, but not the least, we find that some companies are habitually in a constant REACTIVE state of contention versus a PROACTIVE harmonious state of mind. Each of the suggested strategies above will position your company proactively. Do you really want to give a stranger full access to your customers / clients, your cash and your information technology infrastructure, without a full screening? Your next step is to schedule a full service screening consultation with a company that will help you protect your company, its assets, reputation and your employees.

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