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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Potential new roster requirement: Roanoke County School Board considers drug testing athletes

ROANOKE COUNTY (WSLS10) – Roanoke County school administrators say it’s a not a right, but a privilege to play. The Roanoke County School Board is researching and considering a random drug test policy for its student-athletes. Salem and Botetourt County schools already have a similar policy in place.


Marietta Officials Talk Drug Testing Policy

MARIETTA – Marietta city employees will be subject to drug and alcohol testing as part of the city’s new policy this year. Councilman Cindy Oxender, R-At large, expressed to city council Thursday that though as an elected official she is not required to also participate, as chairwoman of the Employee Relations Committee, she wanted to set the example by voluntarily participating in the urinalysis program Friday.


Background checks, Drug Testing Required to Drive a School Bus in West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV – Parents put a great deal of trust in the person behind the wheel when they load their kids on the bus and send them to school. Before a bus driver is hired in West Virginia they have to pass a drug and alcohol test and a background check.


School District Drivers Randomly Tested For Alcohol

DENVER (CBS4)– Bus drivers working for school districts are required to undergo testing for alcohol and drugs. But this week, one school bus driver crashed the bus she was driving and admitted to taking prescription drugs.


Long Island Air Traffic Controller Faces Weapons, Drug Charges

WANTAGH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — An air traffic controller in Westbury, Long Island has been charged with illegally carrying weapons and possessing crystal meth. Police arrested Breen Peck, 52, during a traffic stop in Wantagh at 10:22 p.m. Wednesday. Investigators say Peck confessed to carrying two loaded guns without a permit. They said they found the crystal meth in his pants pocket.


Maryville schools eyes drug testing for student athletes

Over the last several years, Maryville City Schools has lost several former student athletes to drug overdoses. Most notably, Aaron Douglas, a freshman All-America at the University of Tennessee who died from an overdose at a house party in Fernandina Beach, Fla., in 2011.

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VICTORVILLE: Company addressing FAA testing violations claim

The aircraft services firm that faces a proposed Federal Aviation Administration civil penalty for drug and alcohol testing violations has issued a statement saying it is working with the federal agency to understand the alleged violations and address them in a timely manner. Read More

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10 Smart Pre-Employment Hiring Strategies To Mitigate RISK

Stop hiring friends, relatives, referrals, or former industry colleagues simply because of your known association. You love your family and you have those friends within your circle that you trust just as much who you believe can help succeed. The dispassionate question to ask yourself is “does the person I’m consider hiring for my vacant position have anything in their background that could potentially bring discredit to your organization and its success? That is a Yes or No question. There is no wiggle room for personal relationships when it comes to making decisions that impact your business, its public name, brand, and reputation resulting from the legal implications associated with hiring an immoral person with a highly questionable criminal history or troubled past.

A common thread that we find happening far too often are company’s; especially federal contractors, hiring people just because they actively hold and maintain a federal “security clearance” and not exercising their due diligence by conducting a thorough comprehensive background check commensurate to the position level of the person being hired . C U CLEAR continues to raise the level of awareness of this very FATAL assumption and mistake. Note that depending on the level of clearance there are gaps within the period of their last investigation to the current time of the new position that can be detrimental to your business. Our workshops and consultant provided by C U CLEAR can take the guesswork out of this common overlooked issue and assumption that is becoming far too familiar among today’s federal government and contractors industry.

We see a repeatable occurrence among all other businesses and organizations across America which people are being hired without properly vetting them or exercising “due diligence” through a […]


CHS takes a stand against drugs/alcohol

CHILLICOTHE – At the start of the 2015-16 school year, student-athletes at Chillicothe High School will face a new, comprehensive drug testing policy.

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